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Gold Member

One of the longest running trades

Recycling is not an invention of modern times


Passing on and re- using material has been part of the economic circle of life for thousands of years. One person’s waste has always been raw material for someone else.

Based on this simple fact, an independent branch of industry has developed during the mid – 1900s.

From the very beginning, one person has been a part of it:

Theo Steil

He founded a scrap – trading company in 1924.
  The company received a fresh impulse when Heinrich Gondert took over business in 1964.The yards became larger and the machines became stronger.

Today, the small trading company has grown into a nation – wide operating group with its own recycling management and container service branches.

What has remained is our attitude:

We collect everything which is too good to be disposed of – we can do something better with it

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New Jobs
Vorarbeiter m/w, Köln
Rohstoffhändler m/w Fe-Schrott, NE-Metalle, Hanau
Metallannehmer w/m, Trier
Metallannehmer m/w, Ludwigshafen
Metallannehmer (m/w), Saarlouis
Maschinenführer m/w, Trier
Maschinen- und Anlagenführer m/w, Ludwigshafen
Kraftfahrer/in Klasse CE m/w für Übersee-Container
Kraftfahrer Klasse CE m/w Trier
Kraftfahrer Klasse CE m/e Köln
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